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Chinese Language

Chinese language classes are aimed to teach people how to speak, read, and write in Chinese. These courses introduce students to the fundamentals of the Mandarin language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and sentence structure.  Chinese language Course in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The course can be separated into levels according on the learners' proficiency, such as beginning, intermediate, and advanced. The following subjects are frequently covered in the course content: Pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence structure are all basic Chinese language skills. Characters in Chinese, including stroke sequence and meaning. Skills in listening and speaking, including basic conversation, pronunciation, and comprehension. Reading and writing abilities in Chinese language Course in Islamabad, including reading comprehension and short paragraph writing. Etiquette, traditions, and social norms are all part of Chinese culture and customs. Those who complete the course may be able to talk in Chinese in basic everyday circumstances and understand simple texts. Language competence in Chinese is an useful talent that can improve job opportunities in industries such as international trade, diplomacy, tourism, and academics.

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Duration : 2 months