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Adobe Illustrator

Twin City offers the graphic designing course in Rawalpindi. Which include the Adobe Illustrator which is an essential tool for any graphic developer or artist who needs to produce high- quality, scalable artwork. Its intuitive interface and important features make it a go- to software for creating everything from simple designs to complex illustrations. Course Outline: Unit 1: Customizing the Workspace Topic A: Using workspaces Topic B: Using multiple artboards Unit 2: Using symbols Topic A: Understanding pixel-aligned paths Topic B: Working with Symbols Topic C: Symbolism tools and sets Unit 3: Creating Web graphics Topic A: Pixel perfect Topic B: Utilizing slices and image maps Topic C: Utilizing SVG Unit 4: Using Color tools Topic A: Color Groups Topic B: The Kuler panel Topic C: Pantone Plus libraries Topic D: Color adjustments Unit 5: Painting tools Topic A: Creating and using brushes Topic B: Creating and using patterns Topic C: Transparency and blending modes Topic D: Creating and using meshes Unit 6: Working with Images Topic A: Using Image Trace Topic B: Perspective drawing Unit 7: Type styles & effects Topic A: Creating type on a path Topic B: Scaling and rotating type Topic C: Working with fonts Unit 8: Creating special effects Topic A: Working with effects Topic B: Exploring Stylize effects Topic C: Creating and applying graphic styles Unit 9: Printing Topic A: Setting up documents for printing Topic B: Preparing artwork for printing Topic C: Printing transparent artwork Topic D: Overprinting, trapping, and presets

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Duration : 1 months