Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Course

Course Outline

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: File types
Topic B: The Photoshop environment
Topic C: Tool options and presets

Unit 2: Image selections
Topic A: Selection techniques
Topic B: Modifying selections

Unit 3: Layers
Topic A: Creating layers
Topic B: Transform controls
Topic C: Using type layers
Topic D: Creating paragraph styles

Unit 4: Basic image adjustments
Topic A: Levels adjustments
Topic B: Curves adjustments

Unit 5: Repairing and retouching images
Topic A: Repairing image defects
Topic B: Retouching images
Topic C: Removing image areas
Topic D: Painting
Topic E: Using filters

Unit 6: Resizing images
Topic A: Image resolution
Topic B: Image canvas size

Duration: 1 month

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