Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Course


Course Outline:

Unit 1: Customizing the Workspace
Topic A: Using workspaces
Topic B: Using multiple artboards

Unit 2: Using symbols
Topic A: Understanding pixel-aligned paths
Topic B: Working with Symbols
Topic C: Symbolism tools and sets

Unit 3: Creating Web graphics
Topic A: Pixel perfect
Topic B: Utilizing slices and image maps
Topic C: Utilizing SVG

Unit 4: Using Color tools
Topic A: Color Groups
Topic B: The Kuler panel
Topic C: Pantone Plus libraries
Topic D: Color adjustments

Unit 5: Painting tools
Topic A: Creating and using brushes
Topic B: Creating and using patterns
Topic C: Transparency and blending modes
Topic D: Creating and using meshes

Unit 6: Working with Images
Topic A: Using Image Trace
Topic B: Perspective drawing

Unit 7: Type styles & effects
Topic A: Creating type on a path
Topic B: Scaling and rotating type
Topic C: Working with fonts

Unit 8: Creating special effects
Topic A: Working with effects
Topic B: Exploring Stylize effects
Topic C: Creating and applying graphic styles

Unit 9: Printing
Topic A: Setting up documents for printing
Topic B: Preparing artwork for printing
Topic C: Printing transparent artwork
Topic D: Overprinting, trapping, and presets


Duration: 1 month

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